Well, this is interesting:


But … but …

Indeed he was:

We don’t remember when that was a thing that folks had to do, but that’s not important right now. No, what’s important is that Vox just made President Obama look like someone who’s got no idea what he’s talking about.

Don’t worry, though, President Obama. Because German Lopez, the guy who wrote that Vox piece, still asserts that voter ID laws are racist:

There is little doubt at this point that voter ID laws are discriminatory. Many Republicans, who have pushed these laws in recent years, have admitted as much. Studies show the laws have a disproportionate impact on black and brown voters. And there is a very long history of voter suppression against black voters in the US. All of this adds up to what’s fairly described as a constitutional crisis depriving people of their most fundamental democratic right.

But there’s some good news: Despite Republican legislators’ best attempts to suppress minority voters, study after study has found that voter ID laws have little to no effect on voter turnout. At worst, the effect is small — barely detectable even in studies that employ multiple controls. At best, there’s no effect at all or even an increase.

That doesn’t, of course, mean that the laws are okay. The intent behind the laws is still clearly abhorrent — with some Republicans admitting that they are meant to suppress minority voters. The good news is that so far the intent, no matter how bad, hasn’t led to the effect Republican lawmakers apparently desire.

So if you decide to punish Vox for insubordination, Mr. President, don’t be too severe with them. We’re sure they’ll do better next time. Though we can’t promise they’ll get any smarter about this stuff:

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