Obamcare’s had a bit of a rough time lately, what with that Obama administration report conceding that premiums will skyrocket while choice plummets. That means it’s time to polish that dried-up hunk of crap to a sparkly shine:

Vox’s Sarah “Local Crime Story” Kliff is serving on a panel of judges presiding over a contest looking “for the best stories from patients an families, clinicians, and administrators illustrating the importance of cost-awareness in healthcare.” How fun, right? There must be tons of great stories people want to share! Especially from patients and families:

And speaking of houses …

Really puts the “affordable” in “Affordable Care Act.”

Hey, don’t knock Monopoly. People love that game!

Eh, it’s not all bad. The contest is awarding $4000 in prizes, so at the very least, if you win, you could use the money to pay for part of one month’s premium!