Count Joy Reid among the many liberals who suddenly find themselves righteously indignant over James Comey and the FBI’s renewed interest in Hillary Clinton’s emails. Today, Reid’s taken her indignation to Twitter to explain how this whole mess is really all the Republicans’ fault:

That’s quite an about-face for Reid, as The Federalist’s Sean Davis found when he dug up some earlier tweets of hers:


You think the Comey takes are amazing? Wait’ll you see what else Reid’s got to say:

Let’s stop there for a moment:

OK, where were we?

No, the Democrats totally rose above petty stuff like that.

Don’t stop now, Joy. You’re on a roll:

Hold on … can we see that again?

Oh, Joy. Bless your heart!

She’s adorable, isn’t she?

‘Fraid we’re gonna have to leave it at that. We’re laughing way too hard to say anything else.