As Twitchy told you, a new report by the Obama administration has revealed what Obamacare skeptics have been warning about for years: ACA health care plan premiums are expected to rise by double-digit percentages on average — and consumers will have fewer health plans to choose from.

Now, if you’ll recall, we’ve spent the past several years being castigated by Obamacare proponents who insisted that our fears were unfounded and that we had no clue what we were talking about. Among the finger-waggers? The fine folks at the OFA Truth Team. If you’re up for a stroll down Memory Lane, we invite you to look at this:

Hoo boy. The awkwardness factor is already high given that the Truth Team straight-up lied. But when you toss in the detail that the Obama administration themselves have conceded that premiums will skyrocket while choice plummets? There aren’t enough washcloths in the world to wipe all that egg off the Truth Team’s — and PolitiFact’s — face.

Ooo! Ooo! Since we’re already here, would you care for some bonuses (via @JimmyPrinceton)?

And then there are these from just today, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Guess so.

Really not much to celebrate here, but if there’s one silver lining in this Obamacare news, it’s this: Those of us who insisted that the Affordable Care Act would be a flaming disaster have been vindicated. Spectacularly so.



‘Unexpectedly!’ Report: Obamacare premiums to increase by DOUBLE-DIGIT percentages