It’s adorable when progressives paint themselves as the true defenders of women. Case in point, Vox’s Dara Lind:

No, really. She wrote that, though the text has since been changed:

Some of Trump’s other debate invitees (like Pat Smith, who lost her son in the 2012 attack on Benghazi) have been attempts to bait Hillary Clinton into losing her composure. But none so far have worked — and furthermore, Malik Obama is more of a troll on Barack Obama than on Hillary Clinton.

If Clinton wasn’t ruffled by the presence of three women who’ve accused her husband of sexual misconduct during the second presidential debate — when, due to the town hall format, she could easily see the audience — is she really going to be thrown off her game by the presence of some other dude’s half-brother somewhere in the darkened auditorium?

And it’s not as if Lind is the only liberal who feels this way. Over the years, we’ve seen countless progressives tie themselves in intellectual knots to give Bill Clinton a pass for his history of alleged sexual assault. If Clinton were a Republican, you can bet women like Juanita Broaddrick and Gennifer Flowers wouldn’t be “mistresses”; they’d be victims.


Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text to reflect that Lind’s phrasing was later changed.