This afternoon, Kevin D. Williamson posted a fantastic piece at National Review calling out Tim Kaine for his craven, shameful statements on abortion at last night’s vice presidential debate:

Williamson writes:

Intellectually, Tim Kaine’s argument about abortion is incoherent and indefensible; it is, in fact, illiterate. He argues that while his own Catholic devotion points him in a pro-life direction, the fact that we are a pluralistic society with a constitutional guarantee of religious freedom precludes him from supporting initiatives that would enshrine certain Catholic preferences in law.

On the subject of abortion, Tim Kaine is a mess intellectually and a coward morally. That some people find his argument persuasive is only another sign of how attenuated we have become, nationally, in our facility for reasoned argument. The facts of abortion are the facts of abortion, irrespective of what any pope, president, governor, senator, or mere justice of the Supreme Court says.

Being a Catholic is one reason to oppose abortion. Being a human being is another. Tim Kaine, a cheap and shallow sophist, isn’t a particularly inspiring example of either.

Williamson’s take has garnered accolades from members of the pro-life community:

But it seems to have irked Georgia State law prof Eric Segall. So Segall decided he’d take Williamson to school.

Let’s just say it didn’t work out as well as Segall had probably hoped.

Have you got your popcorn handy?

Oh yes:

So, what will Segall’s third offense be? Stay tuned. It’s sure to be a doozy.

In the meantime, while you wait, do yourself a favor and read Williamson’s entire piece. And be sure check out his Twitter feed, as well, for his further powerful defense of the unborn.

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