In case you hadn’t already heard, Ted “Vote Your Conscience” Cruz is reportedly planning to endorse Donald Trump, as early as today:

Because principles, or something.

More from Politico:

Multiple sources close to Ted Cruz say the Texas senator is expected indicate his support for Donald Trump as soon as Friday.

It is unclear whether Cruz will say only that he is voting for the Republican nominee, as other lawmakers have done, or offer a more full-throated endorsement, but the idea of throwing any support to Trump is controversial within Cruzworld.

“If he announces he endorses, it destroys his political brand,” said someone who had worked for Cruz’s campaign.

That’s putting it mildly.


It seems that the only thing Cruz will have accomplished if he goes through with his endorsement is proving his detractors right — and disappointing the supporters who’d stuck by him or been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

His eventual refusal, anyway:

Any goodwill Cruz earned for standing up to Trump once the campaign season was fully underway is in danger of vanishing altogether.


Oh yeah. By all means, endorse that guy! The epitome of wisdom and maturity.

Maybe integrity just doesn’t matter as much as it used to.

Sad, but mostly true.



Welp, it’s official:

Ted Cruz: ‘I will vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.’



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