Leave it to The New York Times to squeeze some religious bigotry into a story about Americans selflessly dedicating themselves to helping Syrian refugees:

It’s just so unexpected!

To [Johnson Ferry Baptist Church member William Stocks], such questions [about resettling Syrian refugees] belonged in the realm of politics — and he had not come that evening for political reasons. Rather, he said, he had come as a follower of Christ. “My job is to serve these people,” he said, “because they need to be served.”

But politics and faith have always had the potential to conflict in the questions about resettling Syrian refugees in the United States.

And at a time when conservative politicians, many with ties to Christian religious groups, have aggressively sought to keep the Syrian newcomers out of their states, it is conservative people of faith who, in many cases, are serving as their indispensable support system.

Because who would ever have thought Christian conservatives could be charitable and compassionate?!

Pathetic, New York Times. But that’s not unexpected, now is it?