Press TV touts itself as “the first Iranian international news network.” They even broadcast in English, which is helpful because it means we Americans don’t have to be deprived of the kinds of stories the Iranian government thinks we need to know more about.

Take this, for example:

Yes, they’re really running with this:

By all means, let’s hear them out:

James Fetzer, an emeritus at the University of Minnesota, made the remarks on Wednesday, after reports emerged that as many as 400,000 people were suffering from medical conditions linked to the 9/11 attacks.

“This report is the tip of the iceberg in relation to the events of 9/11,” Fetzer told Press TV on Wednesday. “We have vast evidence of significant population—with some estimates running as high as 700,000—who have been affected by medical maladies associated with exposure to ionizing radiation.”

The academic went on to state that the attack was in fact a controlled demolition using “mini or micro nukes” to cleanly destroy the Twin Towers and yet prevent a “catastrophe” in “the most valuable real estate in the world.”

It’s probably a safe bet that Fetzer’s theory hasn’t received much lovin’ stateside. Good thing Iran’s there to pick up our slack.

No doubt about it: We definitely need to do more business with Iran.