How kickass is this?

Mary Katharine Ham recently made the case for getting The Rock on the debate stage:

And we’ve gotta say, it’s a pretty strong case:

Mary Katharine Ham, senior contributor at The Federalist, joined CNN’s “At This Hour” to discuss the upcoming Presidential debates. When Trump surrogate John Phillips said that the Republican nominee wants the debates to be like WrestleMania, Ham asks the question that we are all thinking:

“If it’s WrestleMania, can we get The Rock on stage so I can vote for him and be done with it?” she said about actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In an election year where so many people want a third option, it’s disappointing there probably won’t be a third-party candidate on stage, Ham said.

Well, The Rock got wind of what Ham was cookin’, and he apparently approves:

Sounds good to us.

Is this a great idea? Or the greatest idea ever?

There is nothing about this that is not awesome.

Join the club. Ham seems pretty stoked, too!


Let’s make this happen!

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