As Twitchy told you, conservative talk radio host Larry Elder had a few words on Sunday for 49ers whiner Colin Kaepernick:

And apparently those words were just a few too many for members of the liberal thought police. Members like actress Rose McGowan, who let Elder have it. Or, rather, she thought she did. In reality, she … well, see for yourselves:

So, if we’re understanding Rose correctly, Elder is “a disgrace to thought and freedom” by freely expressing his thoughts about Colin Kaepernick. Oh … oh dear.

Something tells us Rose isn’t terribly adept at discerning fact from fiction. Call it a hunch.

Needless to say, few were charmed by McGowan’s nastiness.

Oh, if only she had checked herself. But instead of dialing it back, she let her freak flag fly. Here’s response to Jake Tapper’s viral tweet about the Gold Star mom who called out Kaepernick:

She’s definitely an excellent judge of character, this girl.