It all makes sense now:

It gets better, though:

More from Newsbusters:

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s wedding was doomed from the outset. After all, the much-hyped political union – sullied by a sexting scandal – was officiated by champion philanderer Bill Clinton.

Although the New York Times, Newsweek and others reported on the couple’s 2010 nuptials, even mentioning Clinton’s role, none of these outlets published a picture of the former president presiding over the six-figure ceremony. At least, if there ever were photos, they’ve been taken down … and understandably so. The juxtaposition of the two remarkably similar men is more than a bit embarrassing.

However, we spotted the photo in the May 2016 documentary Weiner, an eye-opening look at the scandal, attempted resurgence and “disastrous mayoral campaign” of the politician. (According to NYT correspondent Mark Leibovich, the long-suffering Abedin never permitted the filmmakers to feature her in the doc – which was apparently ignored.)

Kerpen is right: It’s perfect. Honestly, it couldn’t’ve gone any other way.