This will no doubt come as a major shock to you, but MSNBC is all starry-eyed over “Southside with You,” that hagiographic new movie about the Obamas’ first date:

More from NBC News (sorry, NBC “News”):

The result: a genuinely romantic film which provides subtle insights into the personas of two figures who are too often labeled unknowable.

‘Southside With You,” which opens nationwide on Friday, re-creates the future first couple’s first date back in 1989. Back then they were both twenty-something overachievers working at Chicago’s Sidley Austin law firm — she was a dedicated associate and he was her charming, chain-smoking mentee. It’s essentially a real-time, two-character tour de force, which has drawn comparisons to director Richard Linklater’s acclaimed “Before Sunrise” and its sequels.

“Southside With You” culminates with the Obamas’ now iconic pit stop at a local Baskin Robbins, which was mythologized with its own plaque in 2012, and in a way the ice cream they share is an apt metaphor for their burgeoning romance. The ice cream is cold and pristine at first, but eventually melts and turns sweet.

So, in other words, anyone who goes to see this movie should avoid visiting the concessions counter because chances are good that they won’t be able to keep any food down.

But there’s more to NBC News’ report than just slobbering fawnage. There’s also this:

That’s … huh?

“Woke” … or stuck in some weird racial time warp?

Yeah, it kind of is. What was the author of the piece trying to suggest, exactly?

Why? Because the Left is nuts, that’s why.