It’s been a long, painful divorce for Joe Scarborough and Donald Trump. And it’s not over yet. The ex-lovebirds are still going at it.

But Joe’s the bigger man and knows how to rise above all that:

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The Weekly Standard’s Jay Cost, for one, is super-impressed by Joe’s opting to take the high road.

And by “super-impressed,” we mean “rolling his eyes back up into his brain”:

Unfortunately for Joe — but happily for the rest of us — Cost was just getting started:

Hard to argue with that. But Scarborough’s giving it the old college try:

Well …

Aw, snap.

Boy, can it! Wonder if Joe’s self-aware enough to realize how many people are mocking his latest attempt at self-righteousness.

We’re gonna go out on a limb and say nope. Not even a little bit:




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