As Twitchy told you, that ransom payment that the White House vehemently denied was a ransom payment? Well — shockah of shockahs! — it was a ransom payment.

And that poses a bit of a problem for Vox. Vox, you see, swallowed the White House’s story hook, line, and sinker:

It was inevitable, really.

And the best part? Beauchamp tweeted it out again … this morning:


This is definitely in the running for a medal in the Vox Embarrassment Olympics.

It’ll probably go a little something like this:




Bless Zack’s heart. He’s tryin’!

Whatever you say, bro.



Awww …

Beauchamp concludes:

But when our Iran debate focuses on misleading nuclear inspection minutiae or whether the Obama administration is “kowtowing” to Iran with things like the alleged hostage payment, we aren’t having a serious conversation about how to address Iran’s actually bad policies.

Instead, we’re debating an endless drumbeat of misleading stories designed only to undermine the nuclear deal and faith in the Obama administration’s negotiating prowess [Twitchy editor’s note: “Obama administration’s negotiating prowess.” As if!]. The ransom faux scandal is only the latest such story in this pattern.

This isn’t a helpful way of talking about America’s Iran policy, and it needs to stop.

Seems to us that Vox should stop. Seriously. Before they even further humiliate themselves.