As Twitchy told you, President Obama hasn’t gotten around to making any public comments on the catastrophic flooding in Louisiana. He’s too busy with his golf game, you see.

But you know who isn’t too busy?

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Toms is from Louisiana, born and bred. And while his home in Shreveport was spared serious damage from the recent relentless rains, family in Baton Rouge felt Mother Nature’s wrath.

So just before noon on Wednesday, Toms made the decision to withdraw from the Wyndham Championship. He was replaced in the field by Andres Romero, who comes to Sedgefield ranked 195th in the FedExCup.

He spent Tuesday driving the four hours back and forth between [his and his sister’s] homes, delivering drinkable water, clothes and food. Oh, and box cutters to rip up the soggy carpet since all the flooring in the house has to be replaced.

How do you like that?

Sounds about right.

Don’t hold your breath.