Who says pimping baby murder can’t be glamorous? Cecile Richards — with some help from the Washington Post — is out to prove the naysayers wrong:

That’s right:

Let’s read more about Cecile Richards’ stylish self, shall we?

She is, as always, immaculately put together, her tall frame draped in a merlot-colored sheath and matching cardigan, gold earrings twinkling beneath her short, white-blond hair. Her alto voice conveys the subtlest hint of a Texas twang, and more than a hint of sarcasm.

In person, the 59-year-old Richards exudes both a warm authenticity and a subtle impenetrability; there’s the sense that she means everything she says, but she isn’t saying everything. Her public persona is almost preternaturally controlled; like the savviest politicians, she’s supremely polished, perpetually on-message and surrounded by a highly protective media operation that carefully controls reporters’ access and circles the wagons when uncomfortable situations arise.

By all means, read on for a full, fawning bio of the Pro-Abortion Queen. If you can stomach it, that is.

And looking fabulous is what matters, right?

And speaking of evil:

Nauseating. Absolutely nauseating.

They couldn’t show the true face of abortion. It just wouldn’t be stylish, you know?