Juuuuuuuust great.

More from The Washington Free Beacon:

Rep. Hank Johnson (D., Ga.) launched into a tirade against Israel and its policies toward the Palestinians, comparing Jewish people who live in disputed territories to “termites” that destroy homes. Johnson also compared Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a remark that drew vocal agreement from those in the room.

“There has been a steady [stream], almost like termites can get into a residence and eat before you know that you’ve been eaten up and you fall in on yourself, there has been settlement activity that has marched forward with impunity and at an ever increasing rate to the point where it has become alarming,” Johnson said during an event sponsored by the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, an anti-Israel organization that galvanizes supporters of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, or BDS.

“You see one home after another being appropriated by Jewish people who come in to claim that land just because somebody did not spend the night there,” he said, referring to claims that Israeli settlers plot to seize Palestinian land. ‘“The home their [Palestinian] ancestors lived in for generations becomes an Israeli home and a flag goes up,” he said, adding, “the Palestinians are barred from flying flags in their own neighborhoods.”

All joking aside, Johnson is pure garbage. And the anti-Semites who crawled out of the woodwork for Trump have justifiably been condemned by people on both sides of the political aisle. So, where’s the Left’s sharp condemnation of Johnson?


This is your chance, Dems: Put up, or shut up. Because Johnson’s conduct is unacceptable — and straight-up despicable.



Magic (D) strikes again! ADL lets anti-Semitic Dem Rep. Johnson off the hook