Gosh, who could’ve seen this coming?

More from The Hill:

The White House confirmed on Tuesday that [HUD Secretary Julián] Castro, who has been mentioned as a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton, won’t face any punishment after he apologized for breaching the Hatch Act with an April interview with Yahoo News’ Katie Couric.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) released a report on Monday concluding that Castro has shared his personal political views of the presidential candidates, including Clinton and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, while acting in an official capacity.

But don’t worry. The White House knows Castro’s really, really sorry about it and will never do it again:

“He owned up to it, and he’s taken the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again,” [Josh] Earnest told reporters.

And if that’s good enough for them, well, dammit, it should be good enough for you, too!

Must be nice.


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