After yesterday’s embarrassing spectacle at the memorial service for slain Dallas police officers, this is exactly the best way for President Obama to repair the damage to his credibility.

Or not:

More from The Hill:

The president is sitting down with law enforcement officials, civil rights leaders, educators and local politicians at the White House in the aftermath of the massacre of five police officers in Dallas.

“I think it’s the president’s desire to try to move the ball forward and make some progress in helping communities identify steps that they can take to address this problem,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Wednesday.

And Deray’s your secret weapon?

Mr. President, you have chosen … poorly.

Can’t wait. Hopefully they can come up with some great lines for Obama’s next police memorial speech — with a little help from Loretta Lynch and Al Sharpton:

No doubt this will be a really fruitful meeting, just like all the other ones.



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