In case you hadn’t heard, the U.S. Holocaust Museum recently asked Pokémon GO players to refrain from playing the game there:

More from the Washington Post:

The museum, along with many other landmarks, is a “PokéStop” within the game — a place where players can get free in-game items. There are three PokéStops associated with various parts of the museum.

“Playing the game is not appropriate in the museum, which is a memorial to the victims of Nazism,” Andrew Hollinger, the museum’s communications director, told The Post. “We are trying to find out if we can get the museum excluded from the game.”

Hollinger stressed that the museum is generally pro-technology and encourages visitors to use social media to share how their experiences with the exhibits moved them. “But this game falls very much outside that,” he said.

This afternoon, Arlington National Cemetery felt compelled to make a similar request:

So this is where we’re at now. Anyone else find that a little depressing?