As Twitchy told you, earlier today, Hillary admitted that “You can’t just talk someone into trusting you. You’ve got to earn it,” and that “I’m careful with my words.” Cute, right? It gets even better.

During that same speech at the International Women’s Luncheon in Chicago, she also lamented the way in which many people perceive her:

More from Politico:

“A lot of people tell pollsters they don’t trust me. Now, I don’t like hearing that,” the presumptive Democratic nominee said at the International Women’s Luncheon in Chicago, the site of the 50th annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition Convention, alluding to surveys that show her polling below 40 percent in measures of honesty and trustworthiness.

Awww …

Well, Monica Crowley certainly feels for her. Or not:

Ha! That really does say it all, doesn’t it?



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