Jason La Canfora is a CBS “NFL insider,” and, much like fellow NFL aficionado Bob Costas, he’s also an amateur firearms expert.

Today, his voice is among those calling on Congress to take action for gun control:

The Federalist’s Sean Davis decided to put La Canfora’s gun knowledge to the test:

Good stuff, right? It gets better:

Keep going, Jason. You’re on a roll.

La Canfora returned fire with the mother of all anti-gun tweets.

Are you ready?





If that’s not amazing, we don’t know what is.

La Canfora was clearly cruisin’ for a bruisin’ …

And boy, did he get a bruisin’:



What La Canfora needed now was a brilliant comeback. Too bad he only had this to offer:

Awww. Bless his clueless, dishonest little heart.



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