As Twitchy told you, yesterday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper outed himself on national television — as a royal jerk. In a confrontational interview with Florida AG Pam Bondi, Cooper suggested that, because of her opposition to same-sex marriage, Bondi is somehow incapable of mourning the victims of the terrorist attack in Orlando.

In a column, Townhall political editor and FNC contributor Guy Benson addressed the embarrassing spectacle:

Benson writes:

Think about it: Here we have the state’s top law enforcement officer being raked over the coals for her act of standing in solidarity with a community that had just found itself in the crosshairs of lethal terrorism.  Her public stance on any number of policy disputes pertaining gay rights issues is irrelevant here — unless she’d previously advocated in favor of anti-gay violence, which of course she had not. Times like these require ardent gay rights supporters and entrenched gay rights opponents alike to stand tall, shoulder to shoulder, against a surpassing evil that threatens our shared values.  Cooper chose to use his formidable platform and gravitas to blur important distinctions and imply equivalencies that do not exist.  In doing so, he actively participated in the division of America.  He made it harder for his fellow countrymen to coalesce in needed unity, shared anger and joint resolve.  He debased himself with his morally-bereft premise.

A question for Cooper:

Benson then proceeded to fight back against the Left’s ridiculous — not to mention dangerous — insinuations that opposition to pro-LGBT legislation is on par with encouraging or participating in anti-LGBT violence.

Check and mate.


Careful … liberals don’t like it when you hold them to their own standards.



Anderson Cooper reveals damning proof that Fla. AG Pam Bondi is a raging homophobe