Fearless? Or gormless?

That’s right, NRA! Bring it! He’ll defeat you with his vastly superior gun knowledge!

Oh, wait:

More from the Washington Examiner:

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., claimed in an interview this weekend that an AR-15 rifle is capable of shooting 700 rounds per minute, an assertion that went unchallenged on the network.

“If he was not able to buy a weapon that shoots off 700 rounds in a minute, a lot of those people would still be alive,” he said. “If somebody like him had nothing worse to deal with than a Glock pistol … he might have killed three or four people and not 50. It’s way too easy to kill people in America today and we have to think long and hard about what to do about that.”

Sit down, Congressman. Before you hurt yourself.

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