As Twitchy told you, Vox editor Emmett Rensin offered readers some helpful “advice”:

People understandably wondered what, if anything, Vox would do about it. Because, after all, this is Vox we’re dealing with.

But as it turns out, Vox founder Ezra Klein didn’t just ignore the issue:

Here’s Klein’s full statement:

On Thursday night, Emmett Rensin, the deputy editor of Vox’s first person section, sent a series of tweets that, among other things, urged people to riot if Donald Trump comes to their town.

We at Vox do not take institutional positions on most questions, and we encourage our writers to debate and disagree. But direct encouragement of riots crosses a line between expressing a contrary opinion and directly encouraging dangerous, illegal activity. We welcome a variety of viewpoints, but we do not condone writing that could put others in danger.

In this case, Emmett’s tweets violated Vox’s standards and Emmett has been suspended as a consequence.

But not everyone’s so impressed with Klein’s decision:

And then there’s this to consider:


Hmmm … can they Voxsplain this one?



People can’t wait for a Voxsplainer about editor’s call to riot when Trump’s in town