Yesterday, State Department spokesman John Kirby admitted what many people have been suspecting for a while: That tape of a 2013 Iran Deal presser had been edited to remove footage of an exchange between FNC’s James Rosen and then-State spokeswoman Jen Psaki. It wasn’t a “glitch” after all!

But despite their confession, the State Department is still claiming they don’t know who ordered the chop job — and they’re not really interested in pursuing the matter any further.

That doesn’t sit well with Jake Tapper, who took the State Department to task on “The Lead” this afternoon:

Brutal is right. But the State Department deserves brutal treatment for what they’ve done.

And if Jen Psaki doesn’t like it …

Well, that’s too damn bad. Even if Psaki had no knowledge — as she claimed — that the tape was edited, that’s no excuse for the State Department’s conduct.

Kudos to Tapper for actually holding the Obama administration accountable.



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