As Twitchy told you, when Bill Kristol teased that “independent candidate” over the weekend, he reportedly had lawyer, veteran, and National Review writer David French in mind. Now, you can debate French’s actual chances at the presidency until you’re blue in the face, but the media would like to save you the trouble:

Hillary and Trump have been running for POTUS since last year, but they evidently weren’t worthy of the media’s scrutiny.

French, on the other hand:

OK …

Think that oppo dirt’s pathetic? Check out this bombshell:

For crying out loud.

No kidding. First of all, what exactly did French do that was so scandalous?

Yeah, well, it definitely proves that French doesn’t belong in the same field as the likes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The stand-up conservative, natch.

Yeah. If by “interesting” you mean “a shameless attempt at maligning a man who doesn’t deserve it.”