Do you remember last fall, when student snowflakes flipped the hell out over an email from the associate master of Yale’s Silliman College? Erika Christakis had the nerve to suggest that students shouldn’t lose it over “offensive” Halloween costumes because free speech is actually a pretty good thing:

The associate master, Erika Christakis, wrote to the campus community criticizing efforts to proscribe certain types of dress, particularly for young people, while also noting: “I don’t wish to trivialize genuine concerns about cultural and personal representation.”

“I don’t, actually, trust myself to foist my Halloweenish standards and motives on others. I can’t defend them anymore than you could defend yours,” wrote Christakis, a lecturer at the Yale Child Study Center and the wife of Nicholas Christakis, a sociologist and physician and the master of Silliman College. “Nicholas says, if you don’t like a costume someone is wearing, look away, or tell them you are offended. Talk to each other. Free speech and the ability to tolerate offence are the hallmarks of a free and open society.”

Well, all those snowflakes can give themselves a big P.C. pat on the back, because their tantrums have brought them the scalps they were clamoring for:

Social justice wins again!

Here’s Nicholas Christakis’ statement:

That’s a far more generous statement than the students and their apologists deserve.



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