Well, well, well … isn’t this interesting?

It’s like that Trump campaign senior adviser said: “This ‘words matter’ stuff is ridiculous.”

More from the Washington Post:

Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said the fundraiser actually netted about $4.5 million, or 75 percent of the total that Trump announced.

Lewandowski blamed the shortfall on Trump’s own wealthy acquaintances. He said some of them had promised big donations that Trump was counting on when he said he’d raised $6 million. But Lewandowski said those donors backed out and gave nothing.

The comments appear to be the first acknowledgment — almost four months later — that Trump’s fundraiser had raised less than the candidate said. Lewandowski said he did not know the exact total of money raised or how much of it remained unspent.

It really is shocking that a guy who’s been involved in shady business dealings and tried to have disabled veterans removed from Trump Tower’s vicinity would be anything other than forthright about funds raised for veterans. Just shocking.


Not really, no.

But will this news even make a tiny dent in his support?



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