Well, now that Donald Trump has pretty much secured the GOP nomination, the MSM can finally get around to vetting him and digging up every last nugget of dirt they can find. Today’s big story is Anthony Senecal, Trump’s racist, sexist, and all-around-awful Mar-a-Lago butler:

Here’s a taste:

“Looks like that sleezey bastard zero (O) is trying to out maneuver Congress again, if the truth be known this prick needs to be hung for treason!!!” Senecal declared on his Facebook page on April 21, 2015.

Senecal confirmed to Mother Jones that he wrote that post: “I wrote that. I believe that.”

When he read news that a Belgian newspaper was in hot water for portraying Barack and Michelle Obama as apes, he asked “with who are they in trouble with,” and said “I think the newspaper deserves a Pulitzer Prize !!!!!!” for the racist imagery.

There’s plenty more, of course.


That’s a fair point, given some of the people Trump tends to attract and surround himself with. And Senecal indeed sounds like a walking, talking pile of steaming pig excrement.

But this latest exposé also raises an important question: Why are media only now so concerned about a presidential frontrunner’s past associates?

Gee … funny how that works, isn’t it?