It takes the best people and a very good brain to come up with a figure like this:

More from Politico:

A top economic adviser to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said his policies would generate a surplus of as much as $7 trillion in a decade, a wildly optimistic estimate that’s unlikely to pan out.

In a sometimes bewildering explanation of Trump’s agenda, Sam Clovis said Wednesday that increased economic growth would cover the vast majority of the cost of his plans, including a tax reform plan projected to cost $10 trillion over 10 years.

“Our proposals, what we think will happen, will lead us in fact to about a $4.5 to $7 trillion surplus at the end of 10 years, if all of our initiatives are put in place,” Clovis told a conference sponsored by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. “Growth helps us a tremendous amount.”

Is that so?

Hey now. They don’t want to set our expectations too high. Otherwise we might think they’re full of crap.


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