Like so many American conservatives, author Brad Thor is frustrated and concerned about the choice we’re facing in the presidential race. Earlier today, Thor laid bare his feelings on Trump vs. Hillary:

Here’s an excerpt:

Our Founders realized that the normal course of history is despotism – the control of the many by the few. That is why the Founding documents sought to constrain government. They also counted on Americans to choose wisely those whom we sought to install in office. Too often we have failed in selecting the best among us.

Donald Trump is not the best among us, neither is Hillary Clinton. They are both incredibly flawed human beings whom we should be equally ashamed of.

Neither would advance the cause of freedom. Both would take us – not to that shining city on a hill of which President Regan spoke – but into the murky valley beneath. Never have I seen America faced with having two such poor choices for president.

But do yourselves a favor and read the whole thing:

Needless to say, Thor is winning raves:


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