If Amanda Marcotte couldn’t find something to be outraged over, she’d have to invent it. Actually, that’s essentially what she did here:

This is genius, you guys:

The Treasury’s decision should be non-controversial. After all, we all agree that history is made by more than presidents (plus, the $100 bill has a non-president on it, which confirms this is a shared belief), and that people other than white men exist and matter. Don’t we? You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who disagrees publicly with these contentions, except perhaps on some Twitter accounts that Trump keeps retweeting.

Yet, in a move that was entirely predictable, right wing pundits are in meltdown, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that, regardless of any surface claims to believe in equality, the reality is that they adhere to the belief that white men are the only ones who really matter and the rest of us are just the supporting cast.

One thing is for certain, the reaction to this proves feminists right. Feminists have long argued that better representation matters, and while symbolic gestures like putting women and people of color on money may not do anything in the immediate future to improve people’s lives, the psychological effect of saying, “These people matter, too,” can gradually help lessen prejudice. The panicked reaction from the right suggests that they agree, even though what feminists are hoping is true is what conservatives fear is true.

OK, so first of all, who are these nefarious “right wing pundits” Amanda’s so upset about?

Those are your pundits, Amanda? They’re the best you’ve got?


Sorry, Amanda, but you failed to meet the burden of proof. You failed spectacularly.

Yeah, but Amanda’s not the type who lets reality get in the way of her narrative.