Not all superheroes wear capes:

More from the Wall Street Journal:

In March, Keith Olbermann wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post announcing plans to move out of his Trump Palace apartment in New York City due to his opposition to the building’s developer, Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Now, the liberal news and sports commentator is following through, listing the roughly 1,750-square-foot condo for $3.9 million.

The asking price is significantly less than the $4.2 million Mr. Olbermann paid for the apartment in 2007. He said he bought it at around the height of the market and would be disappointed to lose money on the sale, but added he feels it is worth it. “I feel 20 pounds lighter since I left,” said Mr. Olbermann, who moved out of the apartment in March. As a longtime political commentator on MSNBC, Mr. Olbermann was known for his criticism of right-wing politicians.

Mr. Olbermann said his unit is “a great apartment,” but leaving the building made him feel “less morally icky.” He added that if it wasn’t a Trump building, he never would have moved. “If they had changed the name of it to something more positive like Ebola Palace I would have happily stayed,” he said. He said he has found another home in Manhattan, but declined to identify which building.

Hey, someone’s gotta take a stand against classless Donald Trump. Who better than the über-classy Keith Olbermann?

Who cares? Who cares? Anyone who values true bravery and sacrifice, that’s who!

What a guy.

If there’s any justice, he’ll receive two.