The Lewandowski-Fields incident has taught Trump national spokesperson Katrina Pierson a thing or two about political campaigns. Namely, that problems persistently plaguing your campaign are always someone else’s fault.

And speaking of crossing thresholds, Pierson thinks the media should back off:

Oh, really?


But there’s more:

And not only that, but:

Because hey, why not?

When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked if Lewandowski would be fired in the event that he’s convicted of a misdemeanor for allegedly roughing up a reporter, Pierson replied “yes” without hesitation.

“Yes, absolutely. Mr. Lewandowski is an integral part of the team, the camp wholeheartedly supports him and will see him through the ordeal,” she said.

If you like that, you’ll love the video:

OK then.

Word to the wise:

Heh. Maybe not a bad idea.



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