No words? How about some letters, then?

W, T, and F should do quite nicely:

That supporter? Erstwhile Tea Party activist and current Trump fangirl (note: not an official spokesperson) Scottie Nell Hughes.

More from Mediaite:

Trump warned of riots if the GOP brokers away his nomination, and Hughes told Wolf Blitzer this afternoon that people would of course be angry. She argued, “Riots aren’t necessarily a bad thing if it means it’s because it’s sitting there and fighting the fact that our establishment Republican party has gone corrupt and decided to ignore the voice of the people.”

Blitzer asked her if she seriously would want riots. Hughes responded, “It’s not riots as in a negative thing.” She firmly believes that Trump supporters would not resort to violence.

That being said, Hughes said “I don’t consider riots to be a violent thing” unless things get a little too heated.

Somebody please. Make it stop.

Honestly, would anyone be surprised if that happens?

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