Welp, looks like Greta van Susteren’s feet are firmly in the “Blame Michelle Fields” camp:

Here’s what she wrote on her Gretawire blog (via Mediaite):

“The media might want to ask itself if it is putting too much of a spotlight on this issue,” she writes. “It has crossed my mind that viewers/voters across the nation are thinking that we in the mediaput more of a spotlight on some non lethal shoving of one our own (a fellow journalist) than on gang shootings, domestic violence or other.”[Emphasis in the original]

Sometimes tempers flare, and regrettable things happen,” Van Susteran argues, “but we should not make this an international crisis and it is not a First Amendment crisis. It is a flap we should all get over.”

Really, Greta?

“This is not to say, assuming it happened, that shoving a journalist (or anyone) is good – it is not,” she concludes.

Well, there’s some pretty powerful evidence that it did happen. And these tweeters would like to have a word with you:

Exit question:



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