Stop the presses!

And that love for Fiorina has led to an unexpected show of support:

On Your World with Neil Cavuto, McCain responded to the host’s question about the possible impact of Neil Bush‘s recent support of  Cruz by saying that she found it much less important than Fiorina’s.

“I was a huge, huge Carly Fiorina fan and supporer,” she said, insisting that “she has the capacity to get a lot of young, conservative women taking a second look at Ted Cruz.” Then, she revealed that Fiorina’s endorsement swayed her completely.

Quite a turnaround. Wonder how her father feels about her expressing support for the “wacko bird.”

Game changer?

Still, she’s more than welcome to give it. That said, her opinion may not be worth as much as she hopes.

Guess we’ll just have to stay tuned.

Meanwhile …



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