Well, if this isn’t just the sobbiest sob story we’ve ever read:

More from yesterday’s New York Times:

Nearly a decade has passed since an aspiring young lawyer in California, Anna Alaburda, graduated in the top tier of her class, passed the state bar exam and set out to use the law degree she had spent about $150,000 to acquire.

But on Monday, in a San Diego courtroom, she will tell a story that has become all too familiar among law students in the United States: Since graduating from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2008, she has yet to find a full-time salaried job as a lawyer.

So now, she’s suing her law school. Because of course she is.

No, it’s true:

Ms. Alaburda said, in legal papers, that she received “only one job offer — one which was less favorable than non-law-related jobs that were available” — after she sent her résumé to more than 150 law firms and practicing lawyers. She is asking $125,000 in damages.

The poor dear.



How was she supposed to know that law firms wouldn’t be banging her doors down trying to recruit her for her immense talent?

No, no. Her failure is obviously someone else’s fault.

We wish Ms. Alaburda the best of luck. After all, she may be opening up a door for anyone out there with less than one hundred percent job satisfaction.

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