In case you missed it this weekend, the Cruz campaign came under heavy fire after pushing a story suggesting that Marco Rubio dissed the Bible. Cruz comms director Rick Tyler was instrumental in disseminating the story, which turned out to be based on a Rubio misquote.

Blogger Sarah Rumpf has more:

Rubio campaign staffers and other Twitter users quickly pushed back on the story, arguing that the captions on the video were incorrect, and Rubio had said “all the answers are in there” about the Bible, not that there were “not many answers.”

Eric Teetsel, Rubio’s Director of Faith Outreach, was very vocal in criticizing the video and the Cruz campaign’s efforts to promote it, calling it “dirty tactics.” Rubio strategist Joe Pounder attacked Tyler’s posts as “peddling garbage.”

Tyler took a swipe at the rival campaign, adding that unlike the Rubio campaign, they correct stories when they get them wrong. However that is not quite accurate. Tyler did delete the posts at some point after finding out the story was not accurate, but did not post any explanation, correction, or apology.

Well, it looks like Cruz decided that he’s had enough:

Also, this happened:


Parting thoughts from Rumpf, whose reporting no doubt played a major role in Tyler being held to account:



This isn’t over:


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