Please clap for this awkwardness:

Uhhhhhh …

But wait — there’s more!

Is this real life? No, seriously. Is it?



‘Can’t stop watching’: Oh, won’t someone ‘please clap’ for Jeb! Bush?

  • lCOYAR

    Can somebody tell me why Jeb! keeps embarrassing himself and NOT drop out of the race yet?

    Is he still having the delusion that he will beat Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?

    • Ryan Duff

      LOL. I’m glad I’m not the only person who constantly includes the exclamation point when referencing Jeb!

    • MoxieLouise1

      Hey, he still has a truckload of cash to spend and by golly, he’s gonna do it.

      • Andrew Curlutu

        I wonder if his donors could successfully sue him for some new crime like electoral malpractice, or something, to get their money back. This guys delivery is horrid, and about as fascinating as pocket lint. But to answer your question ICOYAR, it appears Jeb the Dumber has jettisoned his self-respect and is still running just to see what, if any, damage he can do to other candidates until he runs out of money.

    • ToyZebra

      I think originally both Jeb and the party establishment expected this to be his turn. That hasn’t worked this time, but Jeb is still trying to follow a plan that doesn’t fit anymore.

    • Lizzyp

      I just wish he’d stop trashing the other candidates.

      I realize the primaries are about making yourself look like the best candidate within your party. I don’t think that means make everybody else look bad so you look like the least bad.

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    Warning: This candidate will self-destruct in 5…4…3…

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    I feel sorry for the man, but not enough to vote for him.

    • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy!

      His campaign is just painful. Seriously. I don’t recall his campaign for governor being this bad.

      • Don Reed

        Jeb Will Wreck It!

  • HiltonHead_Dude

    Good God, he is as awkward a person in the public eye that I’ve ever seen. Which is surprising considering the family he comes from.

  • jumper297

    I’m beginning to see why the Family put W in the 2000 presidential race….

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      I can remember my relatives telling me in 2007 that Jeb was more qualified to be president and generally a lot smarter. Yeah, I’m not seeing it at all. For all his faults, Dubya was a natural campaigner, knew what he wanted, and very easygoing; Jeb is basically a malfunctioning robot almost begging to be unplugged.

      • Andrew Curlutu

        Or hit with an EMP grenade, to make assurance doubly sure.

  • JD Son✓MyWizIzTheShiz

    Bush: Sometimes I look in the mirror, and wonder why everyone else is more popular than me.

  • nomorelies343

    How many millions have been utterly wasted on this dope?

    • Andrew Curlutu

      I hear that was often the refrain during the Caligula administration of Beelzebubba…

  • HiltonHead_Dude

    Jeb on FOX now and said Obama is a gifted man.

    For the life of me I don’t understand the need some republicans seem to have in their insane need to stroke this presidents ego and fluff up his painfully thin resume.

    I don’t think that a man is gifted when his main accomplishment has been to DESTROY the health care system in America, and also to put rich against poor, black against white, and to put republicans as a bigger enemy to America then ISIS.

    But that’s me.

    • vetgal1970

      I saw it too. It was a dis at Rubio who he had also said was gifted at the politicking. Reading those tweets it seems Jeb! might want to call Rubio up for a few pointers or else drop out. None of his town hall attendees deserve to be tortured this way.

    • ricoliv

      Jeb may have said that in the futile hope that a narcissistic, ideological glory-seeker like Obama would ever reciprocate by saying something complimentary about him. Poor Jeb..

      • Andrew Curlutu

        Well, like his time in Man’s Country, Dear Commissar NEVER gives…just receives.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      What gets me is how Jeb can be so complimentary towards Obama (a member of a rival party who despises Republicans), while actively trying to destroy Rubio (a guy he actually considered a close friend). And no, campaigning against a rival is one thing; Jeb and his team are being quite petty towards Rubio over the whole “But it’s my turn, so stop doing better” thing.

      Jeb has some serious priority issues.

  • MoxieLouise1

    Jeb!, try this one: “Read my lips…no new taxes.”

    • Andrew Curlutu

      The problem is, given his RINO and squish tendencies, nobody would trust him to stick to it…

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …This is humiliating, to say the least !

  • Prairie Sarah

    Oh, the humanity!

  • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied
  • Maxx

    Drop out Jeb…return to Florida and find your place in public service of some other kind. We like you down here. We just don’t love you up there.

  • vetgal1970

    We tried to tell him but he refused to hear

  • Wanderer

    …did he totally just tell his town hall that Barbara Bush was a child abuser?

  • Wanderer

    Oh Jeb, just go home. You’re drunk. And if you’re not drunk, you clearly need to start drinking heavily.

  • deepdiver

    I’m embarrassed and I never even supported him. Geesh. It’s a long slow motion train wreck.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      You can almost hear the people who supported him over Rubio screaming in frustration.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Jeb would have polled higher in this primary had he NEVER opened his mouth at any point during the process….

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      So, he and Hillary have something in common besides being family to ex-Presidents.

      • Andrew Curlutu

        Pretty much. Although, fortunately, Jeb the Dumber doesn’t have to defend Dubya from sex abuse charges all the time.

  • reddarin

    “It’s like the All-Humiliation Network”

  • interestedobserver2

    Well, now we know why Mom told him to stay home in the first place. Retail politics is even less his strong-suit than it was of his Dad or brother.

    • Andrew Curlutu

      Which begs the question, HOW did he get elected to the governorship in FL, again?

  • Misanthrope

    The living definition of “sitzpinkler.”

  • san rafael blue

    “Calling for Mrs. Jeb Bush! Please come and collect your husband, he is having (another) public meltdown, and doesn’t want anyone to leave the conference hall.
    If your wardrobe, house & husband mean anything to you at all, get down here now!”

  • Marla Hughes

    We loved JEB’s awkwardness here in Florida. Still do. His turn to the liberal side is what makes us not vote for him, but be careful making fun of our former Governor, please.

    • Andrew Curlutu

      But he’s such a lovely target-rich environment…

  • Barry A. Brewer


  • Hi This Is My Username

    Dear lord, Jeb needs to go home and find a hobby that does not involve politics of any sort. This is so bad.

  • Shoeless Joe

    The man is dynamic! Good Lord the poor guy is a nose bleed.