That’s one word to describe some explosive new reports regarding Hillary’s private email server:

More from Fox News:

EXCLUSIVE: The intelligence community has now deemed some of Hillary Clinton’s emails “too damaging” to national security to release under any circumstances, according to a U.S. government official close to the ongoing review. A second source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, backed up the finding.

The decision to withhold the documents in full, and not provide even a partial release with redactions, further undercuts claims by the State Department and the Clinton campaign that none of the intelligence in the emails was classified when it hit Clinton’s personal server.

Fox News is told the emails include intelligence from “special access programs,” or SAP, which is considered beyond “Top Secret.” A Jan. 14 letter, first reported by Fox News, from intelligence community Inspector General Charles McCullough III notified senior intelligence and foreign relations committee leaders that “several dozen emails containing classified information” were determined to be “at the CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, AND TOP SECRET/SAP levels.”

But Hillary never sent classified emails on her private server. Unless she did:

Oh, what’s this?

From the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is confirming for the first time that Hillary Clinton’s unsecured home server contained some closely guarded secrets, including material requiring one of the highest levels of classification.

The revelation comes just three days before the Iowa presidential nominating caucuses in which Clinton is a candidate.

But The Associated Press has learned that 7 email chains are being withheld in full for containing “top secret” material.

OK, so basically, the State Department is admitting that, yes, there was classified material on Hillary’s server. Highly classified.

Guess Hillary’s just special.

Comforting, isn’t it?



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