At last night’s debate, Sen. Rand Paul said that he believes “abortion is always wrong.” Which, in Amanda Marcotte’s mind, makes him pro-“forcible childbirth.” Or something:

Oh geez. Where do we even start? How about here:

Are you literally insane, Amanda? Or just willfully — and woefully — ignorant?

  • Dwayne Mountain Dew Camacho

    Welcome to Costco….I love you.

    • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

      Why don’t you stay on top–…Oh wait, your comment is on-topic, since it’s the same kind of restroom-stall philosophy as when Amanda Marcotte says “Rand treats women like farm animals”.

      • Dwayne Mountain Dew Camacho

        Caught me.

    • Nexus

      lmao. Idiocracy is great.

    • Frogmouth

      Do we have time for a stop at Starbucks?

    • TugboatPhil

      “I ain’t never seen no plants growin’ outta no toilet!”

    • Spasmolytic

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Amanda Marcotte is an idiot.

    In other news, water is wet.

    • Conservative First

      One of those statements is extremely obvious, the other talks about wet water.

    • pugly

      Does she have any other thoughts? I only hear obsess about baby killing.

      • alanstorm

        Apparently, she has some kind of religious objection to taking responsibility for her own birth control.

        Or something.

        That’s my best guess, based on her incoherent yapping.

      • John Hitchcock

        She hates children, never will allow herself to have any, hates men, loves cats.

        • Wanderer

          I pity her cats.

        • BillinDetroit

          Cool … that’s six men who won’t have to divorce her and two who won’t have to do life in prison for killing her. One in 2015. One in 2016

        • Heidi

          uh….she’s married, to a male. I hate babies too…as does a million other people. Only like older children when they become “people” and only well mannered children at that. Not the rubbish runnin’ around these days…and the more I know children, the more I like my cat as well.

      • BillinDetroit

        Does that actually qualify as “a thought”? Sounds to me like someone stepped on her toe and her mouth opened.

    • badazoth

      i demand you apologize to idiots every where

    • TugboatPhil

      Water? Like in a toilet?

      • Conservative First

        Brawndo’s got electrolytes, it’s what plants crave.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    I wouldn’t say that Marcotte is literally the dumbest far left liberal feminist I’ve ever encountered, but only because I make a point of avoiding far left liberal feminists. Too whiny and shrill for my tastes.

    • lCOYAR

      She is for abortion, but never aborted herself.

      Simply remind her that she should stop being a hypocrite.

      • Heidi

        @Icoyar, you can’t abort yourself when you’re a fetus…and I am a far left liberal feminist as well…and I would have had no problem if my mother aborted me if she wanted to. If you’re never known to life, then you just don’t know it.

    • Orwellian_Dilemma

      She is very dedicated to killing babies for fun and profit.

  • lCOYAR

    You know, it was prehistoric societies who killed off their own babies…


  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    Amanda, your support of on-demand, remorse-free infanticide is literally doing more damage to minority Americans than any corrupt cop ever could.

    • grais

      Why would she care?

    • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

      She’s a white liberal grievance harpy so she doesn’t have to care.

      • Frustrated Teacher

        She just has to ACT like she cares…as they all do….

  • grais

    That silly argument was old and stale before she was born. Literally.

    • BillinDetroit


  • Orwellian_Dilemma

    Interesting. How is “don’t kill babies” treating someone like a farm animal?

    I’d ask her myself, but if you don’t support killing babies, Amanda Marcotte blocks you.

    • CaptDMO

      And yet, the folks who” kill off the “unwanted” members of the litters, lest they “spoil the breed”…are so-called Feminists?
      Stay out of politics Mandy, it didn’t go so well the LAST time you tried the “communications” entryism, based on claims of your “expertise”.

    • Heidi

      read my answer above and educate yourself about farm-ag. Those cows are constantly pregnant and always inseminated. One pregnancy after another. Maybe you shouldn’t talk negatively about the issue if you don’t know about it???

  • Eva_Galley

    I suspect Amanda was called “peanut butter legs” in college.

    • Rogue Cheddar

      Always ready in a jif!

      • Eva_Galley

        …and easy to spread.

        • Rogue Cheddar

          I had a girl like that once, her name was Skippy.

    • Kent Jenkins

      lol Did she go to college ?

    • Girl who talks with her claws

      Or “Butter Face”.

  • Comrade Hadenov

    Unlike feminists who act as though women are helpless rabbits in heat and can’t control their urges and “need” abortions to clean up the inevitable result of their wanton behavior.

    • Dan13

      And then there are the feminists that kill baby girls because boys are deemed more valuable.

  • AZWarrior

    No Amanda, it is Islam that prefers farm animals over women.

  • mblack

    Which uninvented birth control is she mourning? And what is so wrong with the earliest form of birth control, abstention? You know, Amanda, the birth control method where you don’t have sex if there is a chance that an unwanted pregnancy might result? Does the term self control ring a bell? Probably not.

  • unknown

    Makes me think of this idiot (yes, that is what he said)

    • tverle

      Sorry, I only made it 21 seconds before I couldn’t take it anymore.

  • Acuda4me ✓Please!

    Like Amanda Marcotte would ever NEED an abortion!

    • Girl who talks with her claws

      I’m sure that she threw some guy down & took advantage at least once in order to get a punch on her frequent abortion card at PP. Works for the victim card as well.

    • Heidi

      possibly she’s married.
      I am a far left liberal feminist and absolutely LOVE MEN!!!! Have a few boyfriends right now.

  • BlahBlah

    I knew they tricked me in the delivery room.

    • Momma Beth

      Was it a delivery room or a cleverly disguised barn?

      • BlahBlah

        Everyone was wearing white so I don’t know. The ping machine was there too.

    • grais

      Check yourself for cattle marks and brandings.

  • Maxx

    Who knew farm animals had access to Walgreens?

  • Michelle ✓classified

    I’m defending neither side, but am curious…Paul said abortion is always wrong. Always includes cases of rape. When an 11 yr old becomes pregnant as the result of rape and isn’t allowed to have an abortion, isn’t that forced childbirth?

    • WhoMeToo

      I was conceived under “unfortunate circumstances” thank God abortion wasn’t legal then…

      • Michelle ✓classified

        Women should be free to choose whether or not they give birth when pregnancy is the result of an act in which they had no control. No one has any right to make that decision for them. No one.

        • WhoMeToo

          …I was conceived under “unfortunate circumstances” thank God abortion wasn’t legal then..

          • Michelle ✓classified

            I understood you the first time. Your situation doesn’t speak for all rape victims and no woman should be denied an abortion after rape just because you exist. What does your existence have to do with deciding for anyone else?

          • WhoMeToo

            Funny… I don’t think you understood at all…¯_(ツ)_/¯

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Well, I asked if it’s forced childbirth when a rape victim is denied an abortion and you twice explain you exist after being conceived by less than fortunate circumstances and abortion was illegal. Good for you, so glad you’re here. You still haven’t told me how that all means anyone has a right to take that choice away from a woman. Shoulder shrug indeed.

          • deltaflute

            I think WhoMeToo’s point is that if it were legal, then he/she would most likely be dead. The point of not having a rape/incest exclusion is not to strip a woman’s rights away. Clearly the rapist already did that. It’s not stripping away the rights of the unborn baby. We don’t murder the born children of murders. Why is it okay to murder an unborn child for it’s father’s crime?

          • Wanderer

            The error in her logic is a woman doesn’t have the “right” to make that choice to begin with. She can choose to use birth control, she can choose to limit or not limit her sexual behavior, but once that child is conceived there is not and never has been a “right” to choose what happens next. No, it’s not her fault she got raped, but you know what, awful things happen and you deal with them. Butchering someone who had nothing to do with the crime, who also happens to be your own child, is not okay because someone told you it will make you feel better. Nevermind that it doesn’t.

          • Girl who talks with her claws

            Maybe you can join the elite club of those of us who have been told to “STFU” for having a differing opinion.

          • Wanderer

            Sign me up, I’ll wear it with pride.

          • Girl who talks with her claws

            Helpful hint: don’t disparage California around her, either.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Yep and yet again, I understood that point. And yet again, someone’s personal story doesn’t mean anyone has a right to make that decision for any rape victim. Why gives you the right to push your beliefs on a rape victim? Why is it OK to force a woman to continue a pregnancy she does not want? What about the woman who will attempt their own abortions if they can’t get a legal one, and they die in the process? Other than your personal beliefs, what right does any person have to force a rape victim to continue being a victim of an act they had no control over?

          • Wanderer

            Because it is not okay to kill an innocent child just because you think it will make you feel better!

            Why is that so hard to understand?

          • Michelle ✓classified

            It’s a decision for the rape victim to decide. No one else’s. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this. Thanks for the discourse.

          • John Hitchcock

            My daughter agrees. You don’t murder a baby just because that baby’s father is a rapist. And that’s what abortion is. Baby murder.

          • jamson64

            We have plenty of laws that disallow us from killing people who make our lives hell. How about people that are harassed and stalked?

          • Knight64

            Sure, it’s mom’s decision, and she has to live with it. Sadly, the baby doesn’t.

          • deltaflute

            “Why gives you the right to push your beliefs on a rape victim?”

            So it’s a belief now? Fundamentally, the unborn have rights by virtue of their humanity or they don’t. You either are completely in the unborn’s corner or you are pro-abortion. I side with the unborn. You don’t have to.

            ” Why is it OK to force a woman to continue a pregnancy she does not want?”

            See here’s the thing. I didn’t cause this pregnancy. I didn’t create this child. That’s the rapists doing. The crime falls squarely on his shoulders. Not only did he rape the women, but he against her will impregnated her and created a child. If you want to get angry, get angry at the rapist. Lobby for harsher laws against rapists. But don’t murder an innocent bystander. That’s like saying a witness to a crime should be punished for a crime. That doesn’t make sense.

            Yes, it’s horrible that she was impregnated against her will. Yes, it’s awful that she has to live with being victimized. It’s horrible when a person is a victim of a crime and as a result is in a wheel chair the rest of their lives. It’s all unfortunate. But abortion doesn’t fix the impregnation. It merely ends it sooner by murdering someone else. There’s no justice in that.

            ” What about the woman who will attempt their own abortions if they can’t get a legal one, and they die in the process?”

            This is the same thing pro-abortionists are concerned about. Women do a lot of things to their bodies that they shouldn’t do. Some women cut themselves. Some attempt suicide. But society doesn’t glorify these things. Instead we work to create help for those with depression and we remind the public of the consequences of such actions. If a women attempts an abortion (or even has a legal one), she faces many health risks including death. We shouldn’t glorify the risks. We should remind the public about the women who’ve died undergoing legal abortions. Jennifer Morbelli, Leigh Ann Alford, etc. All died from complications.

            “Other than your personal beliefs, what right does any person have to
            force a rape victim to continue being a victim of an act they had no
            control over?”

            These aren’t “personal beliefs.” We are talking about a human being’s right to live. As I said the only person who forcibly impregnated a women was a rapist. It already happened. She’s already pregnant with a child. Abortion doesn’t change that it’s already happened.

          • Wanderer

            The victim doesn’t actually get to decide what happens to the rapist. She gets to tell the judge and jury her story, she gets to tell them what she thinks should happen, but what happens to the jerk who raped her is limited by the law and determined by the court.

            But for some reason these people think the victim should get to decide to put a baby to a torturous death because she was raped. Somehow this makes sense to them.

            They are sick.

          • deltaflute

            I’d like to think that it’s not that “they are sick.” It’s that they are misguided by genuine feelings for the victim. In their mind, the one crime leads to another different crime from the government. Except there was one crime committed which had consequences. Much like a drunk driver gets in their car and hits are person crossing the road. One crime but now that victim is in a wheel chair the rest of their life. It’s awful, but you don’t murder the person driving another car and witnessed the whole thing. There should be some sort of restitution that the rapists makes and he should loose paternity rights (which by the way doesn’t happen in every state). Those are the things we should rally around as a form of justice.

          • Wanderer

            I can and would get behind stripping paternity rights from duly convicted rapists while still requiring child support. Only if later in life the child requests information on or contact with her father should contact be considered in such cases.

            I’ll admit to being cynical but there’s something perverse in claiming a mother should go against all natural instinct and feeling and put her own wishes–not even needs–ahead of the life of her own child. Feminazis like Marcotte use this as a bludgeon because they know rape is a sensitive issue for women. They take a terrible crime and try to use it as a political tool.

          • Deplorable AMERICAN™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            First off, who’s putting it in the 11-year old’s mind to “not want” a child? Most 11-yr olds, are still playing with dolls..

          • JV

            it depends on how you frame the question and answer

            if the welfare of the unborn is paramount, then it isn’t forced childbirth, because protecting the constitutional rights of the individual in the womb takes precedent and priority over the perceived inconvenience of childbirth

            simple premise – do you value human life, liberty and the constitution over the relatively short lived discomfort of the “unwilling” mother

          • Michelle ✓classified

            If a pregnant rape victim is denied an abortion, then it is indeed forced childbirth. When a woman is by law forced to give birth, how is that not considered forced childbirth? If she didn’t have the option, that means it’s forced.

            Where in your belief between the right of the unborn and childbirth is there room for the rights of a rape victim to control her own life? Are you suggesting a rape victims loses all rights in any way over her own life and her own body?

            We’re gonna have to agree to disagree about this. And I should have known better than to ask a logical question about this subject. I will just never ever be a person who thinks anyone has any right to force a rape victim to continue a pregnancy and be forced to give birth. Have a nice evening.

          • Wanderer

            Nine months. Less than one year of mild to moderate inconvenience versus an entire life ended by the most horrific means imaginable.

            Your questions are anything but logical, just hysterics about what you consider to be an extra special crime and conclusory statements about how somehow that confers upon the victim the right to commit a horrible crime upon someone else.

            The whole point of organized society is to protect those who cannot protect themselves against monsters who would harm them to suit their own whims. The right to tell someone they can’t kill their child is in the very social contract that civilization is founded on.

            I’m done with you.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            “I’m done with you.”


          • jamson64

            You should have known better? Why- because from the beginning you had NO respect for others’ opinions ….quit playing games. You’re pro abortion, pro death, and pro human killing. All true. Now look in the mirror.

          • BillinDetroit

            Is an 11 year old a woman? I just ask because she isn’t old enough to use a tanning salon without parental consent but can get an abortion on demand without it.

            Don’t pull that “rape of a minor” stuff out … while it DOES happen, that’s like my sister who, at 12, was “raped” a couple times a week by different guys who she sneaked out of the house to meet with in the middle of the night.

          • jamson64

            And you support killing the innocent.

          • Heidi

            yes you are implying that your mother might have been raped as well, since you’re not tellin’. So what are we to guess?

          • BillinDetroit

            Um … are we all out of “morning after” pills? As for the thousands of “rape” victims who get pregnant every year, how about they help with the prosecution?

          • Heidi

            up until now, morning after pills were kind of hard to get, you had to go to planned parenthood w/i 3 days and if you’re working an office job 9-5 that kinda makes it hard. I remember when I;ve had to use it before, at times getting there was a close call for me and truly scary. the best thing obama ever did is was put it in to the pharmacies where it is easy to get!!! truly is…Walgreens is always open and no lines! I had to wait in an hr long line in Chicago to get mine.

          • Knight64

            So a woman wants an abortion because she was raped. Who decides of the allegation of rape is true? And how much time do they have to prove or disprove the allegation (obviously no more than 9 months, but what about late-term abortions)?
            It seems to me that this would be a difficult system to manage.

          • Wanderer

            She says you don’t speak for all rape victims. I never see you claim to. But you absolutely do speak for all the children conceived in those terrible ways and not one of you deserved to die for something you did not do.

            It’s bizarre she just cannot grasp that her feelings are not worth more than your life.

        • Fingolfin

          I’m sorry, no one is “free to choose” to commit murder. Let us extend your logic to other situations. A man was forcibly injected with heroin and became addicted. By your argument he should be able to obtain heroin without legal repercussion simply because he didn’t choose to become addicted.

          • Heidi

            are you kidding me?

      • Wanderer

        I wonder what kind of sick backward culture would have had you killed for your father’s crime because somehow it would make your mother feel better.

    • Suzyqpie

      I acknowledge that my opinion of abortion is influenced by Neal Bootz, a syndicated talk radio guy, probably not the best source, but a philosophy that resonated for me.
      Paraphrasing, I don’t like abortion, I don’t want to pay for abortion nor do I like the power of Government putting a, de facto, gun to a woman’s head demanding compliance.

      • Michelle ✓classified

        I feel that exact same way. I don’t like it, wouldn’t personally choose it, but more than anything strongly believe no government has any right to force majority opinion on anyone. Small government except when it comes to this subject? Hypocrites.

        • Wanderer

          If you don’t like it and wouldn’t personally choose it…why? If you just don’t want to pay for it then at least that’s intellectually consistent. But if you think it’s wrong because it’s killing a human being then there is no gray area and no more “right to choose” to kill an unborn child than there is a right to take your unruly teenager out back and shoot him.

          It’s not majority opinion, it’s scientific fact that a baby is a baby.

          Abortion is as big as big government gets. When the government tells someone they can kill you because you’re an annoyance to them, because that person has more political power than you do, government does not get any bigger or more intrusive than that.

      • Wanderer

        Instead the government just lets the mother put a gun to her own baby’s head.

        I get that libertarian-minded people don’t like the government telling them what to do but abortion is as big as big government gets. The government tells one segment of society that they can go out and kill members of another segment of society simply because they’re inconvenient or in the way. Even the Supreme Court recognizes unborn babies have rights that the state has an interest in protecting, but allowing an abortion strips every last right from a human being without the first scrap of due process.

        • Suzyqpie

          Where is the Father in your premise? If the Father has no pride in the “product” of his behavior?

          • Wanderer

            Dad gets no say in the matter. Mom wants to keep the baby, Dad is on the hook for 18+ years of child support. Mom wants to kill the baby, Dad has no right to object. Under some circumstances Mom can even give a baby up for adoption without Dad knowing and he can’t do a thing about it (there are safeguards to try to prevent this but they don’t always work).

            Fathers should absolutely step up and be responsible for the children they create, and I don’t even try to deny that they are often factors in a decision to abort, in which case they are absolutely every bit as reprehensible and guilty as the mother. But the ultimate choice has been put squarely in Mom’s hands and if Dad doesn’t like it he’s got no recourse.

          • Suzyqpie

            Dad gets no say in the matter = Sport fvcking takes a toll.
            Mom wants to keep the baby, Dad is on the hook for 18+ years of child support = sucks when you have to pay for the consequences of your penis behavior
            Mom wants to kill the baby, Dad has no right to object = because he has no regard for the human consequences of his own behavior.

          • Wanderer

            Nice of you to ignore where I said dads should step up and be responsible for the kids they create. You know damned well the point was not dad should get out of this situation scot free. You asked where the father was and I told you, he’s wherever the mother says he’s going to be, because that’s what society decided.

            Your final reply makes absolutely no sense. Mom wants to kill the baby, and you’re trying to tell me it’s Dad who has no regard for the human consequences of his own behavior, and THAT’s why he gets no say? Sorry cupcake, not how it works. Lots of guys would have happily taken their babies and been single dads rather than see them killed at mom’s whim but our bizarre and sick system doesn’t give them that right.

            I’m raising three stepkids I didn’t make, you can bet I have strong feelings about holding guys responsible for the consequences of their behavior. And if you’re still talking about a rapist, which it didn’t sound like you were at first, then you’re damned right he should be held to task for what he created. 18+ years of wage slavery on top of hard time for the crime sounds like a lot more fitting punishment for a heartless bastard than murdering the innocent child he doesn’t care about. Plus, you know, there’s the little matter of the baby who didn’t do anything wrong and doesn’t deserve to die.

    • Wanderer

      And that baby did what wrong, exactly? What backward barbarian society do you live in where they execute children for the father’s crimes?

      Oh I see, you’ll make the victim feel better by…killing her own child. That makes sense to you?

      • Michelle ✓classified

        Allowing her to make the decision is what makes perfect sense to me. It’s for her to decide and for her to live with.

    • Elizabeth Bennett

      Arbitrarily assigning human rights based on the whims of the [more powerful] mother is the exact same path slave-owners and genocidal tyrants have taken. The question is not, “Does the woman have choices?” The question is, “What is the unborn that she is claiming the right to kill?” If your son or daughter comes into your kitchen and says, “Mom, may I kill this?” Your natural response is, “What is it?” If your child answers, “It is a cockroach.” You will probably say, “Sure.” If your child says, “It is the neighbor’s toddler.” You scream, “No!” and take your child for immediate therapy. The point is, it matters what it is we are talking about. In the case of abortion we are talking about a human child. A child does not magically morph from something akin to a head of lettuce into a human being during a six-inch trip down the birth canal. Every embryologist will tell you the child is human (and therefore endowed by her Creator with certain inalienable rights and among these life….) from the moment of conception. It doesn’t matter whether or not the child is a product of rape, she is still a human being with human rights, or do you claim that the mother of a two-year-old rape product can decide to kill her child?

      Anticipating talking points you may say, “Well, sure but does a human being have a right to invade another’s body?” Remember, we are not talking about a random human being, we are talking about the woman’s own child, not some stranger. A child just a moment after birth the mother will be jailed for failing to feed and care for the next eighteen years. Which I can tell you is quite a bit more of an inconvenience than carrying the child for a few months. A mother is obligated to care for her child regardless of where the child is located. In the case of rape, there are tens of thousands of couples eager to adopt, especially a newborn and the rape victim does not have to live with the fact that she chose to kill her child on top of being raped.

      You mention rape and the eleven-year-old victim. Since when did we start making social policy and denying human rights to millions based on outliers? Even violent, horrific and pitiable ones? Based on this logic we should suspend all traffic laws because some drunk nine-year-old could possibly need to drive his grandmother to the ER. Abortion due to rape, incest and certainly due to an 11-year-old rape victim are conveniently used to rationalize denying human rights to millions for reasons of convenience. So what abortion supporters need to convince the pro-life side is not that rape is horrible, or that some women would make terrible mothers, but that what they are advocating killing is really no more significant than a cockroach and not a human being endowed with the right to life.

      The below is from the rabidly pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute

    • Fingolfin

      Nothing stopping her from doing it herself.

    • BillinDetroit

      Let me ask you … just how often does that happen?

      If you are going to bring “corner cases” into the discussion, at least have one specific case to point at.

    • jamson64

      Actually you did defend one side. You’re a fraud.

    • jamson64

      Yeh, you guys want people to -not- kill their own toddlers in their -own- houses. Small government my arse. Hypocrites.////sarc

    • Heidi

      oh finally…..a smart one in the bunch

      • Michelle ✓classified

        It’s pretty alarming how many here firmly believe a woman who is pregnant by rape should be forced to continue the preganacy if she doesn’t want to.

        • Heidi

          I am reading these and it is absolutely disgusting – I tell ya. It’s like stupidity everywhere. This world is not the same as it used to be.

          • Heidi

            I firmly do not believe that we should use abortion as birth control – NO!, but I don’t think we should force a woman to have a baby either.

  • RblDiver

    Amanda, you’re wrong. If you were a farm animal, you’d be worth something.

    • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

      Ooooooh, daaaaaaaang….

    • Kent Jenkins

      Thats gonna leave a mark

  • Rogue Cheddar

    That’s udderly ridiculous!

    • bil_g

      Sounds like a job for…

      • Rogue Cheddar

        Good for chapped lips as well, don’t me ask me how I know.

        • bil_g

          It’s alright, that’s how I know about it. Medication that dried me out. It was the only thing that kept me from looking like the Joker.

        • Girl who talks with her claws

          Maybe it would work on her chapped hips, too.
          (was going to make a joke about which set of lips, but…)

          • Rogue Cheddar

            Me too, disturbed minds think alike and all that.

  • Alexxthegreat

    Well, Amanda, when women ACT like farm animals, I don’t know why you would expect any special treatment!

  • Suzyqpie

    Shelby Steele was vilified for –
    “There are vast career opportunities, money, and political power to be gleaned from the specter of Mr. Zimmerman as a racial profiler/murderer; but there is only hard and selfless work to be done in tackling an illegitimacy rate that threatens to consign blacks to something
    like permanent inferiority. If there is anything good to be drawn from the Zimmerman/Martin tragedy, it is only the further revelation of the corruption and irrelevance of today’s civil-rights leadership,” Quote Shelby Steele

  • SnarkyGCat

    Let’s see Planned Parenthood has aborted 50 million babies. That’s more than your average chicken farm slaughters in 10 years.

    So now lets talk about who treats whom like farm animals?

  • nomorelies343

    Weapons grade stupid, that one

  • Kevin Giltrud

    Shorter Ms. Wilhelm:

    I LIKE PIE!!!

  • James D

    I’m pretty sure farm animals don’t murder their young, quite the opposite actually. The left don’t know this because they don’t live in “real life”.

  • HiltonHead_Dude

    I don’t see how it empowers women to make them literally dependent on big government for every aspect of their lives, which is what Amanda Marcotte and her ilk seem to want.

  • Suzyqpie

    Maxine Waters regrets that her Mother lacked access to abortion………
    I’m thinking I’m thinking…

  • Wanderer

    Forcible childbirth.

    We have gotten to the point where someone can say something like this and instead of being treated like a retarded leper they are cheered and praised. And hardly a word can be heard about the forcible crushing, tearing, carving, and scraping done to the child who will not get to be born.

    Go to hell you harpy.

  • JV

    well, in Rand’s defense, progressive women ARE farm animals who devour their offspring with abortion

  • Tatiana Covington

    The only way out is to cease being placental mammals.

  • globalcrap

    Are you talking about the women who abort their babies for cash ?

  • Grumpy

    If we were treating women like farm animals Amanda Marcotte would literally be dinner and new boots…

  • HENCHMAN 0804

    On the farm runts of the litter would be killed off for the good of the heard.

  • BillinDetroit

    If they don’t act like animals …

    Hey … it isn’t JUST the man’s fault they get pregnant and can’t identify the Daddy … or find him, either.

  • honestAbesurd

    I thought that was where the saying, getting porked, came from.

  • Luv2GoFly

    Well, Amanda Marcotte is a pig, so maybe she has a slight point…

  • Atnor

    Being pregnant… “literally” means that another human, individual life, is temporarily attached to you…literally physically.

    That human individual is also…literally… entirely dependent on you for its survival.

    “Aborting a pregnancy” is… “literally” a choice to actively participate in killing that individual.

    I dont care if you’re a woman or a Christian (I’m neither)… that’s wrong – the age of the person you choose to kill is irrelevant.

    • Girl who talks with her claws

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for demonstrating that you don’t have to be a female or religious nut to understand reproductive science and know the value of a life, especially of one that depends on you for survival.

  • LadyDonnalands

    What an evil woman! Her mama failed to raise a good daughter. The girl doesn’t want to carry on her mams DNA? What a horrible daughter she is!

  • Girl who talks with her claws
  • Girl who talks with her claws
  • Girl who talks with her claws
  • jamson64

    Run towards a bear cub and the mother bear will shred you.

    Human mothers…kill their own “cubs”.

    Who are the animals?

  • jamson64

    Obstaining. LOL.

  • Flavius Josephus

    Well I don’t mean be petty but judging by the supplied picture all I can say is at least she shaves her armpits!

    • Girl who talks with her claws

      Men don’t like hairy pits, and feminists worry a lot about whether they can turn a man on.

  • robert anthony

    She’s talking about rape-lovin’ ‘refugees’ in Europe… Oh wait….’feminists’ have not uttered a peep about that.

  • J-

    Early feminists wanted responsibility. They wanted to vote, sit on juries, hold public office.

    Modern feminists want freedom from responsibilities. No matter what bad decisions they make, they want the government to bail them out. Have a kid they are not ready for or can afford? Have the government pay for the abortion or WIC and food stamps for the kid for its entire life.

    Feminism has really sunk.

  • bo1921

    Farm animals, amanda? Is that a Freudian slip?

  • spiritof76

    She looks like a farm animal

  • CaptDMO

    Well Mandy, for the select “elite” few that ACT like farm animals…um…

  • Curly

    Yeah there’s a difference between farm animals and conscious intelligent beings Amanda. Born or unborn. #hugefail
    Also I just looked her up and found out she writes for Raw Story, Slate, The Guardian and Salon. Everything I needed to know about her!

  • JPT

    The widespread improper use of “literally” will eventually lead to a change in official definition. English, especially in America, could benefit from a body like the Academie francaise, which issues advisory guidelines on usage.

    The government doesn’t force abortion, neither should it force gestation.

    • Girl who talks with her claws

      Print that slogan on a bumper sticker & put it over your mouth.
      Don’t forget to check under your bed for angels, demons & assorted gods that don’t exist, yet haunt your nightmares.

      • JPT

        I’m not concerned about demons; people who believe in demons are troubling.

  • David

    When you act like a pig Ms Marcotte, your excrement smells like that of a pig.

  • Barry A. Brewer

    She probably gets treated like a famr animal alot, looking and acting mulish, I mean

  • Henry Rearden

    Who is Marcotte? Why should I give one south end of a north bound rat what it / she / he / other “acceptable non-gender specific person” thinks.

  • Keith S.

    Wouldn’t the thought of treating women like sheep be something a progressive would do? Progheads live in ignorant absolutes. If you are against most abortions, that means you are against all women’s healthcare. If you believe in abortions on demand, no matter what potential damages to the body you might create, you are a champion of women’s rights and champions of the poor by keeping future hungry mouths off the face of the earth.

  • Hashtag pundit

    I’m sure this point has already been made but when it comes to people who “literally” treat women like farm animals, my first thought isn’t pro-lifers. I can think of a certain azbackward Middle Eastern religion that better fits the bill. But faux-feminists like Marcotte won’t ever call out the real offenders against women’s rights.

  • “Rev Jim Jones”

    because selective harvesting isn’t anything like farm animal treatment

  • LaPlaca

    I can see why she thinks he treats women like animals…..YOU LOOK LIKE A PIG!!!! Who even listens to what this PIG says

  • Heidi

    non-detail oriented peoples…..if Rand Paul thinks all kinds of abortion is wrong, even if a woman is raped,,,then it is forcible childbirth – you idiot!. Read the statement again, slowly, so you can understand. Forcible childbirth is like farmed animals, who are always inseminated to constantly be pregnant to make your god-damn, puss-laden, mastitis laden, filtered milk with a dirty sock dairy issues. Why don’t you read up on Farm-Ag while you’re at it to, ignorant humanoids!!!!