It certainly does:

File under: “Big if true.”

Oh, Hillary … you’re in trouble! At least you should be.

Not shocking, no. What it is is potentially damning. And also pretty good joke fodder:




Matthew Yglesias thinks it’s ‘cool’ that Hillary Clinton used a homebrew server for State Department emails

Hillary Clinton’s email account run from super-secure bathroom closet in loft apartment

‘HUGE!’ ABC News reports that it’s ‘highly likely’ a backup server of Hillary’s emails was made


Hillary Clinton’s press secretary tries to mop up after disastrous presser question about wiped server

‘The FBI asked’: John Sexton spots discrepancy in Hillary’s server story (another lie?)

In interview, Hillary Clinton takes responsibility for private email server ‘mistake’

Oh really? Report: The FBI is FINALLY examining Hillary’s server to see if foreign intel services hacked it

‘Love it’: GOP mocks Hillary’s ‘wiped server’ comment for fun (and profit)

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton’s original server not wiped, emails might be easily restored

Ruh-roh! FBI has reportedly seized State Department servers in Hillary Clinton investigation

‘Total amateur hour’: AP reports on new vulnerabilities discovered on Hillary Clinton’s email server

‘Keep digging’: Hillary calls reports that her homebrew server was hacked ‘totally untrue’

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