What’s your damage, Salon? No, seriously — what’s wrong with you?

Here’s the super-scandalous video Salon’s all bent out of shape about:

So, really, Salon’s just decided to pick on Catholics now.

They’ve heard of it. They just don’t understand it. Maybe that’s why they hate it so much.

That’s not an exaggeration, by the way. This is just a taste:

The crushing banality, the overwhelming unoriginality of everything Rubio says in his commercial evokes something akin to astonishment. Absolutely any convinced Christ-worshipper could have uttered the exact same words, which are nothing but boilerplate pulpiteer’s patter. That Rubio chose to speak thus before the camera shows just how abysmally low the expectations of the faith-addled are: proffer mind-deadening insipidities and sit back and await the hosannas and hallelujahs that are sure to issue from the segment of the public that will not think for itself, but has to be told fairy tales to feel comfortable about voting for a candidate.

It’s time we point out a few things to the senator.

To wit: Rationalists, Senator Rubio, find themselves compelled to draw disturbing conclusions from your ad. Children eventually stop believing in fairy tales, yet you persist in accepting the veracity of a book of fables, and, more problematically, you conduct your life in accordance with them. You choose to address a similarly deluded portion of your electorate, ignoring reasonable people and discounting their sensibilities. You present your faith in said fables as buttressing your qualification for the highest office in the land, at a turbulent time in history when the United States needs a serious, clear-minded adult commander-in-chief. All this says a lot about your judgment. To handle the crises we face, and those to come, we will need, most of all, a mature leader with keen, reality-based judgment.


Well, if Salon’s trying to prove that they’re completely — not to mention shamelessly — out of their ever-loving minds, then mission accomplished!