The U.S. State Department is taking a firm stand against Iran over their capture and deliberate humiliation of ten American sailors.

Just kidding!

More from The Hill:

The 10 American sailors captured by Iran this week were not covered under protocols of the Geneva Convention because the United States is not at war with Iran, the State Department said on Thursday.

The determination means that the Obama administration will not accuse Iran of violating the convention’s protections for prisoners of war, as many critics accused Iran of doing with its treatment of the sailors.

“The Geneva Convention applies for a time of war between nations, and we’re not at war with Iran,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said. “So it’s difficult to see how the provisions of the Geneva Convention can be applied here or us citing them as violations of it, because we’re not at war with Iran.”

Phew! That was close.


It certainly ranks right up there.

So it looks like all we can do now is just count down the days until



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