Will former President Donald Trump be indicted over alleged hush money payments to Stormy Daniels? Will he finally end up behind bars? We’re on the edges of our seats!

Over the weekend, we told you that Jonathan Turley doesn’t think the case against Trump is very strong. But let the record show that Judd Legum couldn’t disagree more. He’s got a whole thread about why Trump has got to go down for this one:

We won’t post the whole thread here, but we would like to highlight this particular tweet:

Did you catch that? “Trump schemed to conceal relevant information from the voting public in the days before the election, engaged in an elaborate coverup, and then lied about his involvement.”

Sound familiar? It should. Because it’s exactly what the Biden campaign — with the full cooperation of the mainstream media and social media platforms — did with the Hunter Biden laptop story.

And what did Judd think about the Hunter Biden laptop story? Allow Will Chamberlain to refresh your memories:


In other words, it’s Judd Legum being Judd Legum.



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