In case you hadn’t heard, the White House perimeter was breached when a man draped in an American flag jumped the fence:

Joseph Caputo, 22, of Stamford, Connecticut, was carrying a binder with “a rewritten Constitution” when he scaled the fence on Thursday, prompting a lockdown while President Barack Obama celebrated Thanksgiving with his family, attorney Stephan Seeger said. Caputo was the first person to jump over the White House fence since the Secret Service installed additional metal spikes earlier this year in response to a series of security breaches.

Seeger said his client was different from previous fence jumpers, including a man who was armed with a knife and got deep inside the executive mansion before being arrested.

“He’s a young American that wanted to deliver a message of change,” Seeger said. “People have been paying so much attention to the jumping of the fence because we live in this climate of fear.”

It’s all about change. Obama loves change! And what better way to fight back against the “climate of fear” than to welcome in the interloper with outstretched arms:

Heh. We see what you did there, Richard.