As Twitchy reported, earlier today, Reid accused Republicans of ‘kowtowing to the NRA” and making it easier for terrorists to “buy Paris-style assault rifles in America.” His deputy chief of staff Adam Jentleson took to Twitter to spread the word:

Jentleson then added a few words of his own:

FACT: When you work for Harry Reid, baseless fearmongering is the name of the game.

C’mon, Adam.

Good question. Surely Adam has a good answer:

Mkay, pal.

No wonder Jentleson works for Reid. His mind-blowingly vast ignorance complements his boss’ just perfectly.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, Adam. Namely … don’t talk. Seriously. Every time you try, you wind up shooting yourself in the foot. And there’s nothing Republicans or the NRA can do to prevent that.



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